December 23, 2014

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Di'Mon Entertainment is a mobile computer service that serves Northwest Indiana. Our service prices are the most reasonable in the area.

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____________________________________________________ Add Image Looks real! On July 2003 we had the honor of doing a 1940's USO dance for the D-Day reenactment in Michigan city Washington park. The US Navy and the 20th Century Tactical Studies Group (good guys) re-enactors stormed the beach with the 9th SS Panzer Division (bad guys) defending it. Michael Kowalski and his re-enactors along with their authentic German uniforms and equipment gave a feeling of the real thing. The 20th CTSG consisted of Americans, French and English all in authentic uniforms and equipment. At the end of the day the USO dance started and ended at midnight with all the reenactors and Navy in dress uniforms. These groups of people go around the country re-creating these battles to honor the veterans who gave so much for us today. So if you hear of one their reenactments go to it you won't regret it.


Do you have old records you wish they could be re-mastered to cd?

Then look no further, we professionally re-master your old private LP collection to cd along with the art work of the front cover (providing the covers are intact). We specialize from 1938 to mid 50's era as a lot of these old vinyl's are disappearing. We charge $12.50 per conversion and it takes about one week from start to finish for each cd. Now let me make it clear that WE DO NOT SELL ANY CONVERSION FROM PRIVATE COLLECTION. All we offer is private re-mastering service for your own collection to preserve those old vinyls from fading into obscurity. Each label will have your name on it saying "Re-Mastered for your name". Records should in good to excellent condition, scratchy records will be charged more. Play the below Before & After sample that we did from our 1955 Album Dacing In The Dark, we play this a lot at our 40's shows. E-Mail us if you have a question.....


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